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Airbus EC-145e Platform


Protect Your Cargo With Genesys' Modernized Avionics Suite

Originally launched as a standard VFR platform, Metro Aviation worked with Genesys Aerosystem to develop an IFR Platform incorporating the latest GRC 3000/EFIS technology for the Airbus EC145e helicopter. With support from Metro Aviation, Genesys established an STC for the aircraft with Genesys’ modernized avionics suite, including: GRCTM 3000 IFR, a 3-axis autopilot, and the Genesys IDU-450 EFIS.

The Genesys modernized avionics suite designed for the Airbus EC-145e helicopter features four IDU-450 displays in a dual-sided PFD/MFD format, dual redundant ADAHRS, Dual GPS/FMS and IFR certified GRC 3000 autopilot & stability augmentation system. The comprehensive, Level A certified IDU-450 weighs only 4.5 lbs. (2 kg) while offering high-resolution LCD glass, 3D Synthetic Vision, Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS), Enhanced HTAWS, Integrated FMS, Hover Vector and more. The avionics suite features Genesys’ GRC 3000 3-axis autopilot, allowing operators to fly IFR in single or dual pilot operations. Due to Genesys’ lightweight avionics suite, operators are able to utilize increased payloads and equipment flexibility on each EC-145e.


Metro Aviation

The STC was achieved in February 2019 with Metro Aviation, who contracted with Airbus for delivery of 25 EC-145e. Metro plans to deliver the upgraded aircraft in their Shreveport, LA facility to their customers’ specifications based upon the mission profiles of the operator. For additional information, please visit


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