Our Capabilities

Complete Avionics Integration

Genesys offers technologically advanced avionic solutions on fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft to increase safety and operational efficiency specific to the customer’s flight mission. Having certified solutions all over the world, Genesys has proven the ability to integrate with a variety of engine sensors, avionics, and mission specific equipment within tight time constraints.

As the aviation industry continues to advance with optionally piloted and unmanned flight, Genesys is developing technology with partners to encompass a wide range of systems providing essential functions for flight control, navigation and guidance, communication, sensors, engine monitoring, health monitoring, mission control, & see-and-avoid systems.

Improving Safety

The Genesys avionics suite offers real-time monitoring of critical systems and data, enhancing safety by providing timely alerts and warnings of potential issues or hazards including collision avoidance, terrain awareness, and envelope protection contribute to safer flight operations. Pilots can access critical information, control systems, and perform various tasks more efficiently, reducing workload and potential errors.

Enhancing Mission Capability

Genesys enhances an aircraft's mission capability by replacing older, less capable, and obsolete avionics. In addition, Genesys’ ruggedized avionics encompass a range of advancements aimed at enhancing performance, versatility, and overall effectiveness, enabling the operator to view, process, and react to information crucial for mission success.


Genesys’ avionics systems and technologies are designed to remain relevant, functional, and adaptable in the face of evolving technological advancements and changing industry requirements. Our modular design allows for the integration of new components, software updates, and technologies without requiring a complete overhaul of the avionics suite, and our open architecture allows for changes to custom, mission specific information without heavy certification efforts.

image of the Grob G 120TP cockpit image of the Pilatus PC-7 cockpit image of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules cockpit image of the Aero L-39 Albatros cockpit image of the CASA CN-235 cockpit
image of the Leonardo TH-73A Thrasher cockpit image of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk cockpit image of the Sikorsky S-61T Triton cockpit image of the Bell 412 Huey cockpit image of the Airbus EC-145e cockpit image of the Leonardo TH-119 cockpit