The Genesys IFR certified helicopter autopilots offer more robust hardware and redundancy for the harsher environment and heavier controls of larger helicopters. The IFR autopilots are designed for three-axis (pitch, roll, and yaw) and *four-axis (pitch, roll, yaw, and hover hold with collective control). Genesys IFR Helicopter Autopilots can also work in conjunction with the existing Stability Augmentation System (SAS) to add upper mode capabilities.


Designed to be on all the time, the SAS helps return the helicopter back to straight and level in the event it is inadvertently flown into an unusual attitude or if a pilot becomes disoriented due to a loss of visual references. The autopilot also features other capabilities, such as lateral (GPS, VOR and LOC) and vertical modes (GPS VNAV, VRT/GS, ALT, SPD). Combining both stability and autopilot functions leads to increased pilot confidence to focus on other tasks. Additionally, beep trim allows the pilot to keep both hands on the controls while changing heading, altitude, vertical speed and indicated airspeed targets.


* only available on approved helicopter models

The Genesys Helicopter Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System provides safety and workload reduction for both single and dual pilot operations.


The Genesys Helicopter Autopilot is an IFR approved, three-axis autopilot with key features, such as:


  • SAS – Engages system to provide altitude stabilization at all speeds
  • HDG – Selects the desired heading the pilot wants to fly. If a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) is installed, the autopilot will fly to and maintain the heading selected by the heading bug. If there is no HSI, the HDG function will maintain the existing GPS track.
  • NAV – The active GPS, VOR, or Localizer course will be automatically intercepted and tracked when NAV is engaged. VOR and Localizer coupling require an HSI. GPS does not.
  • ALT – Maintains the existing altitude for an indefinite period. Pilots can also preselect their altitude.
  • VRT/GS – Vertical navigation allows automatic flying of ILS glide slope or GPS VNAV if a WAAS-enabled GPS is installed.
  • SPD – Indicated Airspeed Hold allows pilots to select a specific airspeed for climbs and descents.


*SPD function available on certain models

Key Benefits

  • Automatic recovery to near-level flight attitude at all airspeeds
  • Altitude-command and altitude-hold functions
  • Fly-Through System engagement throughout all phases of flight from startup to shutdown
  • Redundant, ruggedized flight control computers
  • Fail operable system
  • Full-authority with parallel actuators
  • Easy Installation – no series actuators, feel springs, or magnetic breaks
  • Lightweight – Installed weight of fewer than 35 pounds
  • Collective Control and Hover Hold with 4th Axis


The IFR Helicopter Autopilot is certified for the following platforms:



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