The Genesys UHF Airborne Radio system is a remote-mount radio ideal for trainers, maritime patrol, NGO & contract military utility operation, and other special mission aircraft. The radio was designed as an easy replacment for the Honeywell/BendixKing KTR 909 UHF radio and controller.

The Genesys radio covers 225 to 400 MHz AM for military air-to-air and ATC operations. There are two transmit power options and includes two receivers that deliver full-time main and guard receiver monitoring. Radio control is accomplished with Genesys’ discrete control displays or via multi-function military communications controllers.


  • High SWaP-C savings
  • Small, light weight, with high reliability
  • 16 or 25 watts transmit power
  • 225.000 to 399.975 MHz
  • MIL-STD-810G and DO-160G environmental qualifications
  • MIL-STD-704E; 28VDC Power
  • DO-178C: Level A software
  • TSO-C128
  • Embedded RS-232 and ARINC 429 control bus
  • UHF main and guard full time reception
  • Tunable UHF guard receiver with selectable on/off
  • Non-ITAR

Primary Applications

  • Military trainer aircraft
  • Multi-national humanitarian support aircrafts, e.g., United Nations aircraft Doctors Without Borders aircraft, etc.
  • Maritime patrol aircraft
  • Contractors supporting military operations

Key Benefits

  • Customizable digital software-defined radio platform enables future upgradability
  • Designed to meet stringent FAA requirements
  • Designed as an easy replacement for Honeywell/BendixKing KTR 909 UHF radios
  • Lower SWaP-C than traditional analog UHF radios
  • Frees up space, weight, and power draw for use on other mission essential payloads
  • Field proven robust design, which can handle both fixed-wing and helicopter environments
  • Various radio control panel options available to meet specific operational needs.

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