The Genesys Civil NAV/COMM radio combines five “commoditized” aircraft radio features into a single remote LRU:

  • VOR navigation receiver
  • Localizer receiver
  • Glide Slope navigation receiver
  • Marker Beacon navigation receiver
  • VHF AM Voice – civil air traffic control

Effortless software updates allow for easier maintenance over time. Available as a retrofit option for federated Part 23, Part 27, and Part 29 aircraft, as well as special mission Part 25 applications.

Featuring Frequency Ranges of 118-136 MHz and 25 or 8.33 kHz Channelization.

Available with 16 or 25 watt Transmit Power


  • Utilizes 28VDC aircraft power
  • Automatic selection of VOR or LOC mode of operation by channel frequency
  • Automatic pairing of LOC (Localizer) and GS (Glide Slope)
  • Reception and decoding of the VOR or LOC signals
  • Reception and decoding of the GS signals
  • Reception and decoding of the marker beacon signals
  • OBS input via bus for operation of analog CDI in VOR operation
  • Drives analog instrument panel CDI & VDI an/or auto pilot
  • LOC enabled annunciator output for autopilot gain control
  • Internal Glide Slope and ILS/VOR RF diplexer
  • Selection of COM and VOR/ILS channels via RS-232 or ARINC 429
  • Two PTT inputs transmit selection
  • Support for two microphone inputs, two audio outputs, and separate sidetone output
  • The COM subsytem functions as either:
    • Class D Receiver with a Class 3 Transmitter (25 KHz channel spacing)
    • Class E Receiver with a Class 5 Transmitter (8.333 KHz channel spacing)
  • VHF COM transceiver operational range of 118.000 to 136.975 MHz
  • DME turning via ARINC 429 output


The radio is interfaced to host controller/displays capable of controlling the navigation and communications functions via RS-232 or ARINC-429 serial interfaces.

Pairs with Genesys Control Panel or standard ARINC-429 controller, such as those available from Gables Engineering.

Primary Applications

  • Military Aircraft Requiring Civil ATC Radio Capability
  • Civilian Government Agencies
  • Wildland Firefighting
  • Regional Civil Aviation

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