IDU-680 EFIS: Helicopter

Lightest, most comprehensive, integrated Electronic Flight Instrument System

The 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS from Genesys Aerosystems enhances safety, reduces pilot workload, increases flexibility, and lowers cost of ownership. Experience future-forward technology that sets a higher standard for advanced, end-to-end avionics in special mission, military trainer, commuter, light-, medium-, heavy-lift rotorcraft.

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  • Total flexibility. Supports any mission without costly or time-consuming completion center customizations so you can get into service faster at lower cost
  • Comprehensive integration. Navigation, communications, and warning systems communicate in real-time to reduce pilot workload, enhance safety and improve command and control
  • Low total cost of operations. Spend less on maintenance and replacement parts while experiencing greater uptime and higher mission completion rates
  • Future-proof. Built-in support/interfaces for FLIR, Satcom, DF, HF/UHF, TACAN, Datalink, SELCAL, Tactical radios, etc. provide a low-cost path to future upgrades



  • C151-TAWS
  • C194-HTAWS & Enhanced Helicopter TAWS


  • 704D - Steady State Limit for Voltage, Voltage Distortion Spectrum, Total Ripple, Normal Voltage Transient, Power Interrupt, Abnormal Voltage Transient, Emergency Limits for Voltage, Starting Voltage Transient, Phase Reversal
  • 810G - Temperature, Humidity & Altitude; Temperature & Vibrations; Vibration; Gunfire Shock (.50 cal & Dillon Mini Gun/equiv.); Sand & Dust


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