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Welcome to our Inaugural Blog!

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Hello, my name is Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing at Genesys Aerosystems, and I’d like to welcome you to my avionics industry blog.

How Genesys Aerosystems Came to Be

Genesys Aerosystems may be a new name in the industry, but it is actually a company that has been in the avionics business for over 30 years. Both S-TEC and Chelton Flight Displays were merged in Mineral Wells, Texas in 2008 by Cobham.

While it was an extremely successful investment, Cobham decided this business segment did not fit into its overall portfolio. Therefore, in April 2014, Genesys Aerosystems was formed through a management buyout and new owners Roger Smith, Tammy Crawford, Gordon Pratt and Rick Price – all of whom are highly experienced aviation professionals.

As for the origin of the Genesys Aerosystems name…stay tuned for a future blog posting.

The Genesys Aerosystems Way

So why am I writing this new blog for Genesys Aerosystems? Well, we’re a reenergized company with some exceptional and innovative products that run the gamut from the industry’s first FAA-certified, 3D, synthetic vision EFIS display with WAAS navigator, to the leading brand of analog and digital autopilots, to a lightweight helicopter autopilot/stability augmentation system (HeliSAS).

Genesys Aerosystems is also one of the few companies in the industry that offers avionics products for all classes of aircraft from the new-generation Textron Scorpion jet trainer to popular B&GA aircraft like King Airs and Citations. We also provide an array of avionics and flight control systems for a wide range of helicopters from the Bell 206 family up to the Sikorsky S-61T.

But the Genesys Aerosystems team cares about a lot more than just equipment. As our President and CEO Roger Smith says, “What we do for a living is enhance aircraft safety and mission performance with leading avionics solutions.”

Every system and product we offer is created to help flight crews achieve their mission profile as safely and efficiently as possible.]

Our Avionics Blog

In the coming weeks, I will get into more detail about many of our products and programs including the recommendations for autopilots in small to light helicopters, new trends and technologies like Open Architecture Systems Integration Symbology (OASIS), updating aging avionics displays in business jets and helicopters, how to select the right autopilot, the growing Special Missions market, what to look for in an avionics shop, and more – much more.

I want this blog to be interesting, informative and educational, covering all aspects of the aviation industry. And if I can enlighten you about the benefits of Genesys Aerosystems products as well, all the better.

No matter what kind of aircraft you are operating, if there’s a subject you want covered, I’ll do my best to pass along the information you need.

To ensure I continue to write about topics you are interested in, please send particular questions or subject suggestions to me at:

Until my next posting, thank you for reading.