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’Tis the season to look back at how lucky we are...

It’s been a pretty good year for us at Genesys Aerosystems and I hope it has been for you as well. I try to cover a lot of topics in my blogs, but for this one I want to break the mold and just say how thankful I am to be part of the aviation world.

Sure, our industry is not perfect. Aircraft aren’t lined up for delivery and there is a lot of uncertainty about ATC privatization, but still things are good – no, make that very good. I, like some of you, get to earn my living in aviation. Do you ever stop and think about how cool that is?

Think about it: We get to work with and around things that fly. Just over 100 years ago, that was the stuff of science fiction. Now we do it every day.

And it’s not just the airplanes and helicopters that make our industry so special – it’s the people. No matter what, we all share a true passion for what we do. How many other professionals in other industries can say that? Not many. And that passion extends well beyond the obvious. Sure, we all love to fly, but many of us use that love to help others.

Look at the recent natural disasters. Who were some of the very first to reach out with help to those in need? Private pilots and aircraft owners, that’s who. From the moment the storms cleared, small airplanes were being loaded up with lifesaving supplies and their pilots were awaiting clearances to get airborne.

Closer to home, one of our employees, Chad Howard Field Service Engineer/Pilot, used his vacation time to participate with a group of general aviation aircraft owners and pilots to collect and fly planeloads of gifts to needy children and families in Mexico. Here’s a link to their video:

Whether flying to the aid of victims of a hurricane or just giving Santa a helping hand, GA pilots are anxious to help. Do any of them ask for a penny to cover the cost of fuel or maintenance? I’d say no. That’s just not who we are. We are aviators. Even if we don’t fly, we share that common spirit of the sky.

As someone once said: “If you want to get rich, don’t work in aviation.” That’s true. You probably won’t get rich financially, but if you’re as lucky as I have been, you’ll gain the richness that comes with having good friends and being part of a very unique and special group of people: Aviators.

I know that sounds like a line from It’s a Wonderful Life…but it’s true. Aviation and the people I get to work with every day have given me a wonderful life. My Christmas wish is that it has for you too.

So from me, my family and everyone at Genesys Aerosystems, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year.

Until next time, fly safely,