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Special missions require special avionics

In one of my recent blogs I talked about the new-generation GROB G 120TP single-engine advanced trainer and G 520NG single-engine, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. As you can guess, these two unique aircraft prompted a lot of discussions about the role avionics play in helping those and other multi-mission aircraft like the Textron AirLand Scorpion fulfill their diverse operational requirements.

Avionics for Special Missions

Some of the key requirements for these applications are easily-configurable displays, DO-178 Level A software, ruggedized construction and low acquisition/cost-of-ownership costs. While all four areas play into Genesys Aerosystems’ strengths, I’d have to say that the extremely rugged construction of our units pretty much encompasses our commitment to providing our special missions customers with much more than an off-the-shelf solution.

Instead of me telling you about it, see this YouTube video that shows you just how rugged our IDU display units really are.

Another advantage Genesys offers our special mission aircraft customers is our willingness to work closely with their engineers as well as third-party providers to develop unique avionics solutions.

For example, in developing the avionics suite used in the G 120TP trainer for the U.S. Army, we created an array of unique displays to simulate a variety of ground attack mission scenarios. With the touch of a button, student pilots can train in near battle conditions without being in harm’s way.

The Genesys Aerosystems hardware found in Textron AirLand’s Scorpion is the same as the G 120T, but with a mission-profile as a multi-role Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR)/Strike aircraft, our engineers have developed some unique displays for this exciting new jet.

But, whether it is new-generation training or in a multi-role battlespace environment, military, civil and government agencies around the world are fielding more types of special missions aircraft to meet a growing need including air strike, surveillance, boarder patrol, search-and-rescue and other mission applications.

We at Genesys Aerosystems are proud that our systems are providing the reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions they need to meet whatever mission requirement they have.


Until next time, fly safely,