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Safer flying starts with smarter training tools.

I get a lot of responses and comments on my blogs (thank you), but some seem to attract more attention than others. One of those was a recent one that featured our Lead Trainer and Pilot Documentation Specialist Greg Schmidt about EFIS software updates.

From the responses I received, it’s clear that a lot of you are really interested in the “nuts and bolts” side of Genesys Aerosystems’ technologies. Anyway, I’ve asked him to pen another guest blog, so take it away, Greg:

By now the vast majority of pilots who regularly fly behind Genesys EFIS displays have the EFIS Training Tool (ETT) or “Simulator” loaded on their Windows PC or MAC (with Windows emulator program). It’s an extremely popular and informative tool that really shortens the EFIS learning curve and helps keep your skills sharp.

Frequent training is a great way to enhance your system awareness and overall flight safety. Finding yourself in a high-stress situation is no time to try and remember what the different symbology means. The goal is to make operating and interpreting the EFIS system second nature.

In our ongoing efforts to make our EFIS training tools as user-friendly as possible, we have made it much easier to download this tool in a format that is specifically tailored for your particular Genesys IDU’s (integrated display unit) hardware and software version.

If you’re flying with a generation of equipment prior to our Genesys IDU-3 with 7.0E software, we can easily send the MediaFire link. Once you have the file, you can easily download the executables and databases along with shortcuts for simple access and use. (NOTE: For those who have a previously delivered ETT delivered on a DVD or USB drive, it would be best if you deleted it and downloaded a new copy via this method.)

No matter which version you get, each ETT software download comes with an updated Installation and User Guide.

The user guide describes in detail the minimum computer requirements and screen resolution necessary dependent on what IDU you are using. The ETT installation package contains two parts:

  1. A database installer (Worldwide NavData, Worldwide Obstructions and Worldwide Terrain)
  2. A software installer for the applicable EFIS software revision for your particular IDU hardware and software version (e.g., IDU-3 7.0E, IDU-450 7.0F, IDU-680 8.0B, IDU-680 8.0E)

Another aspect of our training software is that pilots can actually use it to preprogram their flight plan information via their laptop, then upload that information directly into the aircraft’s EFIS system.

The ETT user guide contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to transfer flight plan routes and user waypoints from the ETT to the actual aircraft’s IDU hardware. For access to an interactive PDF for each pilot guide, see and select your desired pilot guide.

As usual, should anyone have any questions about the procedure for either downloading a new ETT or transferring routes or user waypoints, please call or write anytime and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you very much, Greg. That’s a great look at one of the many ways Genesys Aerosystems is working to ensure our equipment delivers the best performance, no matter what the aircraft or mission.

Until next time, fly safely,