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A Reminder that Aviation is a Pretty Cool Business...

I have to admit that sometimes when I get so tied up in doing the day-to-day I forget just how cool my job really is. I’m sure it happens to a lot of you too.

But I got a front-seat reminder of it all just the other day when representatives from Germany’s GROB Aircraft brought a new GROB G 120TP and a G 520NG to our facility at the Mineral Wells Municipal Airport in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Both the new-generation G 120TP single-engine advanced trainer and G 520NG single-engine, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft are equipped with a full on, four display, flat-panel avionics suite and digital autopilot all designed and manufactured by Genesys Aerosystems.

Anyway, it was like Christmas had come early. When the aircraft arrived, our CEO, Roger Smith joined in with me, and pretty much everyone else at the facility, to not only see these beautiful airplanes, but also just how our equipment helps bring their 21st century multi-mission capabilities to life.

I almost felt bad for the four GROB company pilots. They were mobbed with questions and requests for photos. Especially from our engineers. But, that being said, I think the GROB pilots enjoyed it all as much as we did.

Working on the project since its inception, I had seen plenty of photos of the aircrafts’ panels, but seeing it all in person is really, really amazing. Once the excitement died down a bit, I had the chance to sit in the G 120T. From the way it’s equipped, it’s easy to see how this airplane will fill the role of an elementary, basic, and advanced trainer for the next generation of military pilots. It’s designed to prepare them from everything from heavy transports to fast jets.

Anyway, I hinted for someone to offer to take me up for a flight. But, no such luck. Even without the ride, it was another great day and a reminder of just how much fun the aviation industry can be. I’m truly happy to be part of it.

If you’d like to learn more about the GROB G 120T and G 520NG, here’s a video.

Until next time. All the best to you,