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Precise Performance. Proven Experience. Personalized Attention.

I normally don’t write much about Genesys Aerosystems’ “business” happenings in my blogs, but sometimes even I have to break my own rules. You see we recently celebrated our second anniversary. As we like to say around here, “We’re a two-year-old company with nearly 40-years of experience.” I’ve covered the Genesys lineage in other blogs, so I won’t go over it all again here. Let’s just say our history runs deep in cockpit displays and autopilot systems.

In conjunction with our anniversary, one project we’ve been working on for a while has been to develop a brand new company tagline:

“Precise Performance. Proven Experience. Personalized Attention.”

While it may seem a bit self-serving at first, the truth is it’s not some fluff our agency dreamed up, it’s really the way our customers see us. We spent the best part of six-months talking to hundreds of our past and current customers to find out what words best described Genesys Aerosystems.

What we learned from the comments we received from the significant majority of people who know us, and our products, is that the aviation industry really likes who we are and where we are going.

Since it would mirror what people already think about us, we decided to craft their comments into our new tagline.

Precise Performance came from the fact that our autopilot and display products offer the highest level of performance capabilities; are all rigorously tested and Level A certified – many to the highest MIL-SPEC standards; all raise the bar for enhancing aircraft safety, and are a good value in the market.

Proven Experience came from the fact that we are nearly a 40-year old avionics company with millions of flight hours; tens-of-thousands of products flying around the world; hundreds of STC’s, and above all are highly respected by both our customers and our competitors.

Personalized Attention was derived from responses that showed that our continuous efforts to improve our customer service and product support are paying off. It’s also due to the fact that we have implemented a training program that was developed to help our larger, training fleet customers quickly and safely adapt to our systems.

But, don’t for a minute think we’re going to sit back and rest on our accomplishments. Yes, your kind words continue to make us proud. But, standing pat is not who Genesys Aerosystems is. We are totally committed to continuing our ongoing efforts to make products that make flying safer.

For all of you who helped us set our course, thank you for helping us find words to live by – Precise Performance. Proven Experience. Personalized Attention.

Until next time, fly safely,