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Podcast: How Genesys Aerosystems Continues Making Life-Saving Systems

"It’s not just about trying to bring a product to market, it’s trying to think, ‘What is really going to help a pilot in a situation, make him better or help him in a high-workload environment?’” she said. “Anything we can do to assist that pilot is our primary focus."

Genesys Aerosystem’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Jamie Luster, covers the history of Genesys and our experiences developing some of the most popular products in Aviation. In this podcast, she describes the impact Genesys avionics have for pilots throughout the industry, including lives saved by our HeliSAS autopilot, as well as outlines how aircraft owners to improve safety in their aircraft. Whether it’s our FAA-certified 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS or autopilot system with potentially life-saving capability, Genesys continues to serve those who are most intimately involved in aviation.