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HeliSAS receives a 2016 Rotorcraft Pro Innovations Award.

Just as 2016 was spooling down, we got the great news that our Helicopter Stability Augmentation System – HeliSAS – received the fourth place award in Rotorcraft Pro Media Network’s annual Top 10 Rotorcraft Pro 2016 Innovators, recognizing innovative products and services used by the helicopter industry.

Okay, so we were beat out by a quick-release bicycle rack for the Airbus AS350 helicopter, but sometimes a helicopter pilot just has to have his bike…I get that.

While any media recognition is something to be proud of, what makes this award special is that the award was voted upon by the thousands of readers of Rotorcraft Pro, Rotorcraft Pro Español, and their associated websites.

These people know helicopters and the equipment that can help them get the most efficiency, safety and, yes – in the case of the bike rack – fun, out of these amazing aircraft.

While I have no idea why so many of the voters selected HeliSAS, an educated guess would be that they recognize just how much added safety that this amazing 15-pound system can bring to light piston and turbine helicopters at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Once engaged, HeliSAS acts as a full-time co-pilot whose “hands and feet” never leave the controls. Should a pilot lose his or her visual references for any reason, all they need to is to let go – yes let go – of the helicopter’s cyclic and HeliSAS will automatically maintain or recover to a near level attitude. HeliSAS will provide the situational stability to enable the pilot to regain his or her bearings before taking back control of the aircraft.

With the addition of the two-axis autopilot option, HeliSAS provides a full array of workload-reducing capabilities including altitude hold, NAV hold – it can even track an entire GPS-based flight path – heading hold and vertical mode, which can track an ILS approach.

Dollar-for-dollar, and pound-for-pound it’s hard to find another system that offers so many safety and aircraft operational enhancing capabilities as what you’ll find with Genesys Aerosystem’s award-winning HeliSAS.

Of course, the readers of Rotorcraft Pro and Rotorcraft Pro Español, aren’t the only ones who recognize HeliSAS for all that it is. The system continues to win contract after contract. One of the latest is Air Medical Group Holdings’ (AMGH) recent retrofit of their entire fleet of 200 helicopters with Genesys HeliSAS.

That’s 200 more aircraft that will operate safer and more efficiently no matter what the weather – and truthfully, that’s the only “recognition” that everyone at Genesys Aerosystems is looking for.

Until next time, fly safely,