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The Best Reasons to Attend a Tradeshow

We’re gearing up to head out to the HAI Heli-Expo on Feb. 29, so I thought now would be the perfect time to talk tradeshows. More specifically – why tradeshows are great and what they can do for YOU, the attendee.

We all know what tradeshows mean for an exhibitor: Lots of exposure, loads of new customer leads, and maybe even a few contracts or purchase orders to show the boss.

But what about for those attending? What does the average person have to gain from flying out, putting up their hard-earned cash and spending a few days exploring the tradeshow floor?

A lot, actually.

Attendees may even stand to gain more than we exhibitors do! Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain by joining us for HAI (or any 2016 tradeshow, for that matter):

  • You’ll make important connections. At any industry tradeshow, you’ll find retailers and vendors who can make your business better. Maybe they have a new product that can streamline your operations, or maybe they’re just a strategic alliance and you can share leads, customers and intel. Either way, the connections you make are some of the biggest takeaways you’ll have from a tradeshow.
  • You’ll see products live and in action. Reading a brochure can only get you so far. At a tradeshow, you get to see products in person. You can interact with them, touch them, tour them and play with them using your own two hands. What better way to evaluate something and see if it’s good for your business?
  • You’ll get exposed to new and up-and-coming things. Tradeshows will expose you to the latest and greatest in your industry. You’ll see the hot, new products and up-and-coming releases (long before they hit the market), and you’ll stay in the know in your industry – something your customers and your clients will greatly appreciate.
  • You can promote your own brand in the process. Even if you’re not exhibiting, a tradeshow can be a great place to promote your business. You can hand off business cards to vendors, and you may even be able to interact with press members and get some extra exposure for your brand.
  • You’ll get new and creative ideas regarding your business. At a standstill in your work? Can’t think of anything new or innovative to do? Let the tradeshow inspire you. You’ll see new and innovative ways of marketing things, you’ll find cool new products that will get your mind turning, and you’ll meet tons of inspiring and creative people along the way.
  • You can attend seminars and sessions that can make you more successful. Most tradeshows also include a number of seminars and educational sessions that cover hot-button topics and trends in the industry. They’re led by experts in the field, and they’re a great way to expand your mind and stay on the cusp of knowledge in your sector.
  • You’ll have fun. It might be surprising, but tradeshows are fun too. You get to meet lots of like-minded people, there are tons of networking events and mixers, and everyone is excited to be there. It’s a great environment, and it’s one most regular tradeshow-goers crave.

Ready to see Genesys products live and in action? Want to meet our team or learn more about our industry in general? Join us for the HAI Heli-Expo, Feb. 29-March 3, in Louisville, Kentucky or head out to any of the tradeshows on our docket for the year.

See you there!