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Believe it or not, there are good reasons to fill in the Warranty Registration Card

How many of you ever take the time to fill out and return the “Warranty Registration” cards that seem to come in everything but cereal boxes? I admit I’m as guilty as the rest for my long-standing habit of automatically flipping them into the nearest trashcan.

However, I have to tell you that I’ve changed my mind about the value of these cards. Not all of them mind you: I still won’t bother for something like a $100 toaster or DVD player, but when it comes to my large ticket, technologically sophisticated purchases, I’ll gladly invest a few minutes of my time. Also, I think you should too. Why?

Well, with so many of today’s products being technologically driven, if that technology changes the product’s capabilities, I want to know about it so I can update the product to the latest and greatest functionality. If I’m going to invest in technology, then I want the most bang-for-my-buck, and the only way the manufacturer can communicate updates is if they know who I am and how to contact me. That’s reason number one for filling out the card.

The second good reason is that all these products are covered by a warranty – think what you will about the value of a manufacturer’s warranty, but when you’re buying a higher-ticket item, a little coverage is better than nothing. So the purchase date you put on the registration card is when the warranty countdown clock starts ticking. Yes, I know you can always show your purchase receipt, but how many of us (I know I don’t) keep those receipts around very long? Once the Warranty Registration card is filed, the manufacturer can at least look it up.

So what, you are no doubt asking by now, does this have to do with avionics? Quite a lot as it happens. Like every other avionics manufacturer, Genesys Aerosystems has a warranty application process that the avionics shop needs to follow when the installation is finished.

Once the avionics registration form is completed, the shop faxes or mails it to Genesys Aerosystems. I’m thrilled to say that most of our authorized facilities are good at filing this vital information.

That being said, while it’s the avionics shop’s responsibility to complete and submit the form, it’s an excellent idea for the aircraft’s owner to confirm this is done when they take delivery of the aircraft. It’s an even better idea to ask for a copy of the form and put it with the aircraft’s logbooks.

Anyway, once we have the information, we can keep the owner/operator informed of any bug fixes or software upgrades that come available for their equipment. We are always working hard to improve our products, and the Warranty Registration information is our link to our customers.

Another essential reason to complete the registration on a timely basis is that we base the product’s warranty coverage period on the supplied registration information. Should the avionics shop forget to file the product’s registration at the time of installation, then we have to base the start of the coverage period from the day the unit was first shipped to the avionics shop. Depending on the length of the installation period, this can shorten the product’s actual coverage by weeks, if not months.

Lastly, by properly completing and submitting the Warranty Registration Card, the aircraft’s owner will have confidence that they will encounter no issues should the unit ever require warranty repairs. There will be no time lost while we sort out exact installation dates or other information – the unit and customer will receive the proper and timely attention they need.

Now that you can appreciate all that’s riding on that seemingly simple Warranty Registration card, I’m guessing that, like me, you’re going to give these simple-looking cards a bit more attention and respect.

Until next time, fly safely,