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We go all in with two new autopilots.

In case you missed my last blog or any of the great coverage we’ve received since Oshkosh, Genesys Aerosystems introduced a new digital flight control system during this year’s event. And I have to tell you that the response from the attendees was overwhelming…by the size of the crowds around our booth, you would have thought we were giving something away. Which, in fact, we were. At the show’s close, we gave away a new S-TEC 3100 DFC. But that’s a subject for another blog.

The new autopilot we introduced was the next-generation S-TEC 3100 DFC, which will meet the expanding autopilot needs of piston singles and twins. We also took advantage of Oshkosh to “re-introduce” and announce the TSO receipt for the S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System targeted for high-performance, Part 25 turboprops and business jets. Both autopilots are digital, attitude-based systems that can easily interface with both next-generation EFIS and legacy analog instruments.


While Genesys Aerosystems’ S-TEC autopilots are the undisputed leaders in aftermarket sales for all Part 23 aircraft, the S-TEC 5000 is our first product targeted at the fast-flying Part 25 crowd.

So why go after that market now? Well, it’s the perfect time. We’ve done interviews with a lot of Part 25 aircraft operators and what’s clear is that a growing number of them are unhappy with the increasing maintenance costs and decreasing reliability of their legacy analog autopilots.

The new S-TEC 5000 will not only eliminate those problems, it will introduce a level of performance, reliability and safety that no legacy autopilot can come close to. Two features that the owner/pilots of these aircraft are particularly excited about are envelope protection and one-touch straight and level recovery. Two safety-enhancing features that have never been available in an autopilot upgrade for this class of aircraft – until now!

As you can guess, the S-TEC 3100 will offer the same features and functions as the top-end S-TEC 5000, which will give pilots some significant safety and performance advantages. I won’t take up your time here with a list of features. They’re all on our website at:

Another first for Genesys Aerosystems is that we’re going to offer the S-TEC 3100 as an upgrade to owners who currently have S-TEC autopilots in their aircraft. By swapping out their current autopilot computer with a new S-TEC 3100, we can deliver all the features of a new S-TEC 3100 for a fraction of the usual cost.

The S-TEC 5000 will soon be flying in a Cessna Citation and will be closely followed by the S-TEC 3100’s flight in a Cessna 182. The fun is just about to start, and I’ll keep you posted on progress.

As you can well imagine, everyone here at Genesys Aerosystems is extremely excited about these new projects. We are, and have always been, an autopilot company at heart and projects like this are what we love to do.

Until next time, fly safely,