S-TEC 3100 Autopilot, Version 1.4 Software

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S-TEC 3100: Version 1.4 Software Features


Key Features:

  • GPS enroute VNAV – S-TEC 3100s with Version 1.4 software and new bezel with VNAV button will allow coupled VNAV flight when interfaced with a compatible GPS source and EFIS Currently, only the Garmin GTNTM Navigators and TXiTM displays will allow VNAV.
  • GPS flight plan clearing is no longer required to follow VOR – Certain analog installation required flight plan clearing prior to capturing/tracking a VOR signal.  The need to do this has been eliminated.
  • VS 500fpm preset enhancement – The 3100 will instinctively set VS to 500fpm unless the aircraft is currently climbing or descending more than 500fpm.  In this case, the target will sync to the current rate of climb or descent.
  • Aspen PFD interface – The 3100 with Aspen will now offer full envelope protection without the need for an additional IAS kit.  With the additional“3100 Advanced Interface Unlock” option from Aspen available with their EFD1000 MAX units, the 3100 will display mode annunciations and allow for 2-way communication of target data from the PFD display and the S-TEC 3100.
  • Arming NAVGPSS – Allows NAVGPSS to be armed from the HDG mode.  This will work in the same fashion as the current pilot selectable intercept angle to a LOC or VOR.
  • Improved G5 Interface – The 3100 altitude target can be set on the Garmin G5 unit, instead of on the 3100 bezel.  VS and IAS targets will still be set on the 3100 bezel.
  • New Annunciations on display
  • Additional Performance Enhancements based upon customer feedback