High-performance, two-axis autopilot for reducing pilot workload in IMC through all modes of flight.

Key Benefits


  • High Performance: Fully IFR-capable, with nav and glide slope intercepts that make it ideal for approaches.
  • GPS Roll Steering: When coupled to a GPS navigator, the 55X does not follow CDI movement but the commands directly from the navigator to anticipate turns.
  • Control Wheel Steering: Hand-fly aircraft and then let the autopilot take over to hold the existing turn rate and vertical speed.
  • Hundreds of STC’s: From light singles through piston twins.
  • Optional Altitude Preselect*, Electric Trim, Yaw Damper
  • Compatibility: The S-TEC 55X is a 2-Axis (3-Axis available on some models) Flight Control System, with optional Automatic Pitch Trim. Whether you have advanced glass EFIS displays or the traditional 6-pack steam gauges, the S-TEC 55X supports a wide variety of cockpit setups


*Requires additional equipment

Dependable Features


  • Case contained, radio stack mount
  • Heading preselect and hold*
  • Altitude hold with optional automatic electric trim
  • Numerous NAV modes (GPS, VOR, ILS, LOC)
  • Intercept modes – HDG to NAV, NAV to APR & HDG to APR
  • Precise Approach control for LPV, LNAV, VNAV, LOC, ILS, & VOR
  • Vertical speed control
  • Altitude preselect**
  • Much more…


* Requires heading system with a heading bug
** Requires a baro corrected source



  • Width: 6.25″ (159mm)
  • Height: 1.50″ (38mm)
  • Depth: 9.46″ (240mm)


  • 2.7 lbs (1.22 kg) (Control computer only)


  • TSO-C9C (Automatic Pilots)
  • TSO-C52a (Flight Director Equipment)


  • RTCA DO-160C to meet TSO-C198


  • RTCA DO-178B

*See a Genesys approved dealer for a list of airframe installation STC’s

For Support with an existing installation, please click here