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U.S. Army Training Aircraft to Feature Genesys Aerosystems Glass Cockpit

MINERAL WELLS, TX – The U.S. Army’s next generation fixed-wing training aircraft will be equipped with Genesys Aerosystems’ glass cockpit.  The all-digital cockpit was developed by Genesys Aerosystems for the Grob G 120TP to support advanced military training concepts.  The Army will train 600 students per year in six Grob trainers.

The avionics include synthetic vision, integrated FMS with 3D highway-in-the-sky navigation, fighter-like HUD symbology as well as conventional training instruments, integrated hazard alerting with TAWS and TCAS, integrated radio and audio management, digital flight recording, and a suite of compact, lightweight sensors. The all-digital system also features open architecture to allow end-user or third-party customization for training and special missions.

 “We are proud to be part of the Grob team,” says Roger Smith, CEO of Genesys Aerosystems.  “The performance of the G 120TP, combined with the advanced capabilities and safety benefits of our system, makes it the ideal solution for training organizations around the world who want to downshift portions of the training curriculum by introducing students to advanced concepts in a lower-cost aircraft.  The adaptive nature of our displays allows the G 120TP to effectively support multiple training flows.”

GENESYS AEROSYSTEMS is a leading provider of integrated avionics systems for government and civil customers.  Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics can be offered individually or integrated to provide an entire cockpit.  Its synthetic vision Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) revolutionized safety in low-level flight operations and is now approved on more than 700 aircraft and helicopter models.  Genesys Aerosystems’ Helicopter Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot (HeliSAS) adds to its extensive range of S-TEC fixed-wing autopilot solutions and brings added safety within the reach of a host of operators for whom such systems were previously too expensive and heavy.

GROB AIRCRAFT is one of the world’s largest and most experienced composite aircraft manufacturers since 1971. Within its 38 years of history, Grob has delivered more than 3,500 aircraft that have flown over seven million hours on five continents. Its product range evolved from pioneering gliders of the 70s, the record-breaking high altitude aircraft of the 80s and 90s, to today’s leading-edge training and special mission aircraft.

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