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Genesys Aerosystems to highlight new-generation S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System and IDU-680 EFIS with OASIS at booth #C13212 during NBAA-BACE 2017

Las Vegas, NV –– Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing for Genesys Aerosystems announced today that this year’s NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition will be the official “launch” celebration for the company’s next-generation S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System for Part 25 turboprops and business jets. 

“We are extremely excited and proud to head into NBAA with some fantastic momentum regarding our S-TEC 5000 DFCS certification program,” said Luster. “We have targeted the first retrofit STC for the Cessna Citation and will begin flight tests early next year with final STC expected mid-2018. We have already been fight testing for several months with our forward-fit partners such as Airbus on the CASA 212.”

“The S-TEC 5000 is certified to the highest Level A DO-178B software standard and meets all TSO C-198 requirements, which is mandatory for Part 25 aircraft,” she said. “This amazing new system ushers in a next-generation of digital flight control systems and will feature levels of advanced safety-enhancing capabilities that have never been available in an aftermarket autopilot for this category of aircraft.”

“For example, the S-TEC 5000 DFCS will be the first autopilot upgrade available for Part 25 aircraft to feature digital Envelope Protection and Straight and Level Recovery capabilities,” Luster said. “We’ve talked to a lot of pilots and it’s clear that these types of features are regarded as ‘must-haves’ for this category of aircraft – especially in higher-workload, single-pilot applications.”

Luster said that the price for the new S-TEC 5000 DFCS is expected to start at $120,000 including three-axis, altitude pre-select and automatic trim.

In addition to the S-TEC 5000 DFCS, Luster said that Genesys Aerosystems will have all of its high-resolution LCD Integrated Display Units (IDUs), including its popular IDU-680 loaded with 3D Synthetic Vision and Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS), Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), engine instruments, and a whole lot more on display in their booth #C13212. 

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