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Genesys Aerosystems’ New Digital Radio Line Receives TSO Approval


The new suite of GDR radios grow product offerings from integrated avionics leader

Mineral Wells, TX (November 10, 2020) –– Genesys Aerosystems, a leading provider of EFIS displays and autopilot solutions for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, has received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval for the Genesys Digital Radio (GDR) product line.

The GDR is a family of 11 remote-mounted, software-definable radios that feature combined VOR/localizer/glideslope, marker beacon, VHF communication with a frequency range of up to 118-156 MHz, and optional embedded UHF 225-400MHz capabilities. The GDR radios are designed to interface to a host controller/display – including the Genesys IDU-680 EFIS – via RS-232 or ARINC-429 serial interfaces.  The GDR's standard transmit power is 16-watts with a 25-watt option available for those operators requiring longer-range communications.  The TSO approvals for the radio include TSO-C34e, C35d, C36e, C40c, C128a, and C169a.

“The GDR radio line offers unprecedented capabilities in a compact, lightweight package,” said Gordon Pratt, VP of Business Development. “With legacy radios becoming challenging to repair or costly to replace, a radio solution like our GDR will be popular among new aircraft manufacturers and operators looking for options to keep their fleets flying.”

The GDR is capable of voice communications between aircraft, ground stations, and other aircraft and receiving and processing VOR beacon signals for navigation and instrument landing systems (LOC/GS/MBR). The radio can operate up to 55,000 feet and between negative 55 and positive 70 Celsius and meets the most demanding helicopter environmental requirements. With selectable frequency spacing between 8.33 and 25 kHz, the GDR is a solution for operators worldwide. The radio has achieved Design Assurance Level “A”, the highest certification level for software, as well as MIL-STD 704E and 810G accommodating all segments of the global aviation market.

Pricing varies depending on options. Contact Genesys Aerosystems,, for more information and to order yours today.

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