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Genesys Aerosystems earns certification for a new IFR-certified HeliSAS Stability Augmentation System

Two-axis IFR HeliSAS autopilot is designed for dual-pilot operations, while a three-axis IFR HeliSAS is certified for single-pilot operations

Mineral Wells, TX (February 18, 2019) –– Genesys Aerosystems announced today that the company has earned certification (STC and TSO) for an IFR-certified Helicopter Stability Augmentation System (HeliSAS) targeted for legacy Part 29 twin-engine helicopters.

The new HeliSAS IFR system is based upon the popular VFR HeliSAS; however, the new system adds more robust hardware and redundancy for the harsher environment and heavier controls of larger helicopters. HeliSAS IFR is designed for two-axis (pitch and roll) autopilot configuration for dual-pilot IFR operations and three-axis (pitch, roll, and yaw) autopilot configuration for single-pilot IFR operations.

“We have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from helicopter operators around the world about an IFR-certified version of our popular HeliSAS,” stated Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing for Genesys Aerosystems. “Our IFR-certified HeliSAS for both single- and dual-pilot operations will give operators a system that delivers more performance at a lighter weight and lower cost than anything currently available on the market.  In addition, the ease of use and installation allows owners to remove an older obsolete system and upgrade to a new high-performance SAS and autopilot with a new 24-month warranty.”

Key features of the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS IFR Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System include:

• Automatic recovery to near-level flight attitude at all airspeeds

• Beep trim to easily select altitude, vertical speed, airspeed, and heading targets while keeping hands on the controls

• Altitude-command and altitude-hold functions

• Fly-Through System engagement throughout all phases of flight from startup to shutdown

• Redundant, ruggedized flight control computers

• Fail operable system

• Full-authority with parallel actuators

• Altitude Preselect

• Two-axis (pitch and roll) for dual-pilot applications

• Three-axis (pitch, roll, and yaw) for single-pilot applications

• Easy Installation – no series actuators, feel springs, or magnetic breaks

• Lightweight – Installed weight of less than 35 pounds

“With support from Metro Aviation, the first IFR HeliSAS STC and TSO is aboard the Airbus Helicopters EC-145e. These helicopters are heavily used by EMS, executive and special mission aircraft around the world. These operators need a capable and redundant SAS that allows them to operate in all kinds of weather,” Ms. Luster said. “The simple addition of the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS IFR autopilot will ensure that their crews and passengers will fly any mission in any weather with the greatest margin of safety.”

For more information on Metro Aviation and the EC-145e, please visit

Ms. Luster said that the two-axis HeliSAS IFR autopilot system for Part 29 helicopters is priced at $186,475 (not including installation) and the three-axis HeliSAS IFR for single-pilot operations is priced at $211,375 (not including installation).  Please contact for further STC opportunities. 

About Genesys Aerosystems

Genesys Aerosystems is a leading provider of integrated avionics systems for military and civil customers. Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics systems include synthetic vision with three-dimensional highway-in-the-sky navigation, integrated flight management and hazard alerting, and ultra-compact, highly ruggedized sensors that provide ultimate customer benefits of increased safety, improved dispatch rates, mission flexibility, and seamless future growth. Approved for all classes of aircraft, the company’s uniquely customizable open-architecture systems dramatically reduce integration costs and schedules for both OEM and retrofit applications. Genesys Aerosystems’ Helicopter Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot (HeliSAS) adds to its extensive range of S-TEC autopilot solutions and brings added safety within the reach of a host of operators for whom such systems were previously too expensive or heavy. For more information, visit Media Contact: Simpson Bennett, Marketing Communications Manager, (940) 327-9035,

About Metro Aviation

Metro Aviation, Inc., based in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States is a worldwide provider of completion services for all missions and types of helicopters and specializes in the EC135 and EC145 with several Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) developed by the company for these and other aircraft.  Metro is an FAA approved repair station, approved Airbus (Eurocopter) Service Center and ­FAR Part 135 air medical operations provider at several locations across the United States. The company is privately held and is one of the largest traditional air medical providers in the country. For additional information regarding Metro Aviation, Inc. and any of its products or services, please contact Kristen King Holmes at 318.698.5200 or