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Genesys Aerosystems Announces Training Partner for S-TEC Autopilots

Gary Reeves, Master CFI, and to produce extensive training materials for S-TEC autopilots.

Oshkosh, WI (July 22, 2018) –– Genesys Aerosystems, leading manufacturer of autopilots and stability augmentation systems for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, announces a partnership with Gary Reeves of to provide training materials for S-TEC autopilots.

Genesys has been developing autopilots for 40 years and their latest offering, the S-TEC 3100, is currently certified on the Cessna 177, 182, 210, Piper PA-32 and Beechcraft Bonanza A35/36 with many more scheduled over the coming months.

“Our latest autopilot, the S-TEC 3100, is unlike any other autopilot that we have produced in the past 40 years. We’ve had a lot of customers upgrading from previously installed S-TEC systems and Gary can help us provide a high level of tailored training to help make their transition easier.” said Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing.

The 3100 is a 2-axis digital autopilot (3-axis available on some models) that brings enhanced features such as automatic trim, envelope protection and alerting, one button straight and level recovery, indicated airspeed hold and altitude preselect (requires baro input), just to name a few. With the mixed cockpit aftermarket, the 3100 also supports many 3rd party EFIS displays as well as integrating its own internal ADHRS should an EFIS not be installed.

“In 14 years of teaching single-pilot IFR, I’ve always found S-TEC to be the most reliable and easiest to use. I’m proud to partner with Genesys and provide video training for the best autopilots available. I chose the Genesys STEC 3100 for my airplane because it has the most features, it’s the easiest to use, and it has 40 years of proven experience behind it.” said Gary Reeves, Master CFI and Owner of

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