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Announcing submission of TSO documentation to FAA on next-generation S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System with Envelope Protection for high-performance turboprops and jet aircraft

New-generation autopilot will be the first to offer safety-enhancing features including Envelope Protection and one-touch Straight and Level Recovery to Part 25 business turboprops and jets.

Mineral Wells, TX –– Genesys Aerosystems has submitted Technical Standard Order (TSO) documentation to the FAA for its new S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS).

“We are extremely excited and proud to announce that our diligent pursuit of our new-generation S-TEC 5000 Digital Flight Control System developed to meet the demanding needs of FAA Part 25 high-performance turboprop and turbojet aircraft is available to the market,” said Jamie Luster, Genesys Aerosystems Director of Sales and Marketing. “The S-TEC 5000 not only represents the latest advancement in our long line of analog and digital autopilots, but it also ushers in a new generation of digital flight control systems that will feature the most advanced capability- and safety-enhancing software and hardware available.

“For example, the S-TEC 5000 DFCS will be the first aftermarket autopilot available for Part 25 aircraft to feature digital Envelope Protection and Straight and Level Recovery capabilities,” she said. “We’ve talked to a lot of pilots and it’s clear that these types of features are regarded as ‘must haves’ for this category of aircraft – especially in higher-workload, single-pilot applications.”

In addition to Envelope Protection and Straight and Level Recovery, the new-generation S-TEC 5000 three-axis, Digital Flight Control System features:

  • Level “A” DO178B Software
  • DO160G Hardware and TSO-C198
  • Full Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) compatibility
  • Built-in autopilot, flight director and yaw damper controls
  • Yaw control includes coordinated turns
  • Flight Director capability can drive pitch and roll flight director bars together with mode annunciations on compatible displays
  • Lateral and vertical navigation functions including GPSL, GPSV, GPSS, VOR, LOC, GS
  • Vertical navigation targets set on the bezel or compatible EFIS
  • Heading Hold
  • Altitude Preselect and Hold with Autotrim
  • Vertical Speed Control
  • Indicated Airspeed Control
  • Under Speed and Over Speed Warnings
  • Roll Envelope Exceedance Warning
  • All Axis Trim Control
  • Course Intercept capability
  • Dual Mode – HDG/NAV and HDG/APR
  • Control Wheel Steering
  • GPS Steering (GPSS) Mode
  • Voice Annunciations
  • System can be integrated with approved legacy analog and digital avionics systems
  • And more such as go around mode, take off go around, and half bank turn

For more information about Genesys Aerosystems or HeliSAS Helicopter Autopiot and Stability Augmentation System, contact Jamie Luster.