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Precise Performance. Proven Experience. Personalized Attention.

I normally don’t write much about Genesys Aerosystems’ “business” happenings in my blogs, but sometimes even I have to break my own rules. You see we recently celebrated our second anniversary.

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Time flies when I’m around flyin’ stuff.

To me Oshkosh is the fastest week of the year. It seems like just after we’ve set the Genesys Aerosystems booth up, the week is over and it’s time to put it all away again. And this year’s AirVenture seemed to pass faster than the last.

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Things that go bump in the flight. Part 2.

In my last blog I covered how an autopilot can help reduce workload for single-pilot IFR flights in the summer time.

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Things that go bump in the flight. Part 1.

If there’s one thing that most pilots do not equate with summer time trips its dealing with single-pilot IFR operations. IFR in winter: sure. IFR on a sunny summer’s day: not so much. In fact, while I have no concrete data to prove it, I’d say that pilots flying in the summer will encounter more “pop-up” IFR conditions than they will in the winter.

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Take George on vacation with you.

Based on your collective responses, one of the most popular blogs I’ve written was the recent posting that introduced you to George; aka, your autopilot and highlighted the many ways “he” can help make your flying safer and more relaxed.

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My Pre-game Planning for the Super Bowl of Aviation!

Football fans have the Super Bowl. “Nerds” have Comic-Con. NASCAR has the Daytona 500.Us airplane geeks have Oshkosh AirVenture. And geeked-up is just what I am about my annual visit to Oshkosh. Every year I get to attend all the major aviation events, but by far Oshkosh is my favorite. And it’s probably yours too.

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It’s Summer Time and the Weather is Fine ... for Flying

If you’re a pilot, no doubt summertime is your favorite time of the year. Between flying off to attend air shows, or visiting family and friends, or taking off on some great airborne vacation adventure, or taking your kids off to college, or earning a new rating, or whatever – there are more reasons to fly this summer than there are days left until the autumnal equinox.

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Hobbits and Helicopters

I confess: I’m a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. While J.R. Tolkien’s story is great, the scenery around New Zealand is truly breathtaking. But, you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with avionics?

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Non-TSO’d avionics in certified airplanes: Have we taken the first step down a slippery slope?

While I’m usually really happy to see any avionics development getting industry headlines, one recent headline has me a lot more concerned than excited: Namely, it’s the announcement by the EAA that they have “partnered” with Dynon and the FAA to earn an STC to use a non-TSO’d Dynon PFD as the primary attitude indicator in “specific” Cessna and Piper aircraft.  

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36, 35 and 37...

So what do the numbers 36, 35 and 37 have to do with each other? Frankly, until I was talking to Scott Howard, Genesys Aerosystems’, lead technical representative and resident autopilot historian, I had no clue.

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