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Tips from the trainers: Software updates

We get a lot of requests from our Genesys Aerosystems friends and customers to share insights into how to get the most from today’s avionics and cockpit displays. And like seemingly everything in our modern lives, a lot of that information revolves around software and software updates.

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HeliSAS receives a 2016 Rotorcraft Pro Innovations Award.

Just as 2016 was spooling down, we got the great news that our Helicopter Stability Augmentation System – HeliSAS – received the fourth place award in Rotorcraft Pro Media Network’s annual Top 10 Rotorcraft Pro 2016 Innovators, recognizing innovative products and services used by the helicopter industry.

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Looking forward into 2017...

Everyone looks at the New Year in a different way: I for one have always liked the promise that comes with the turn of the calendar. It’s like starting a new book: each page builds the story and where will that story take you?

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2016: A look back.

This will be my final blog before we all break for the holidays, and before we strike up a rendition of Auld Lang Syne, I’d like to take a quick look back at what I think were some of the biggest aviation-related happenings of 2016.

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Sleigh One gets a SASsy upgrade.

It’s that time again and, like the past few years, the wee folks up at the North Pole aren’t the only ones busy preparing for Santa’s annual midnight mission. The “elves” at our hangar in Mineral Wells have been very busy completing an annual avionics upgrade on a certain jolly ol’ pilot’s favorite plane.

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Time to step up and give thanks.

Whether you’re flying for business or fun, private aircraft are wonderful things. They enable us to travel whenever and wherever we want. But it does have a downside. All too often it makes us so efficient and busy that we forget to be truly thankful for what a fantastic privilege business and general aviation truly is.

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The most wondrous place on earth...

When you tell people you’re going to Orlando, Florida to spend a week at the most “wondrous place on Earth,” they immediately think you’re going to the house of the mouse. Well, not this time.

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Chad’s top 5 autopilot-operating tips.

As I shared in a previous blog, Oshkosh 2016 was one of the biggest and best ever. The Genesys Aerosystems booth was jam-packed pretty much all week.

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Leonardo would have been proud.

I’ve always marveled at Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions: the anemometer, giant crossbow, cannon, aqualung, ornithopter, parachute, and the helical air screw, just to name a few. Being in aviation though, the ornithopter (flying machine) and helical air screw (early helicopter) are my favorites. Of course, if you design an airplane and a helicopter I guess inventing the parachute was the natural next step.

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The ABC’s of ADAHRS OR Great things do come in small packages.

Aviation loves acronyms. Take ADAHRS for example: everyone has read about it, but few really know what it is or the story behind it. Today’s Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS) are true marvels of technology. And their pinpoint accuracy, reliability and compact size is at the center of many of today’s most advanced avionics systems.

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