IMPORTANT: Customer Support can be reached by calling the main line 817-215-7600 and following the prompts. Customer Support will provide an SRO number which you must include with the returned part. Parcels received without an SRO number will be returned at the shipper’s expense.

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Aircraft Info:

3100 DFCS Options Only

3100 DFCS Options Only
Cessna 414 or 421: Tip Tanks
Cessna P210: Silver Eagle
Piper PA46-350P only: JetProp DLX
Type of 8130 Required(Required)



S-TEC Corporation will no longer provide quotes or estimates. Repairs will not exceed 50% list value without contact from the Repair Station. A “not to exceed” repair value may be placed on incoming paperwork provided it is no less than a minor repair price.

Domestic SRO’s are valid for 30 days.  After 30 days a new SRO will be required. 

International SRO’s are valid for 60 days.  After 60 days a new SRO will be required.

Do not ship any components in until an SRO Number has been received from Support. Once you receive the SRO Number please include the SRO Number with any paperwork being sent in or on the box.

Packages arriving without an SRO will be returned at the owner’s expense.

NOTE: When requesting a loaner or exchange please note if after 30 days the article or core is not returned, the dealer account will be placed on hold (unless prior arrangements have been made with Customer Support).

Placing the dealer account on hold will mean:

  • No SRO numbers will be created
  • No repairs will be shipped
  • No new sales orders will be processed.

For any questions you may contact Customer Support at the following:
Phone: (817) 215-7600        Fax: (940) 328-0753

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