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Heli Air Equips their Advanced Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopters with the HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System from Genesys Aerosystems

Operator Report:  With six locations throughout the UK ad over 10,000 hours a year in combined helicopter flight time, Heli Air knows a lot about personal helicopter safety - that's why they put their trust in Genesys HeliSAS                                                                                        

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Advertorial excerpts:  

"The reason for upgrading your R66 or R44 with HeliSAS is simple, Packe explained, "for the added safety benefits of reducing cockpit workload for both commercial and private pilots."  He said, "As a leading sales distributor for Robinson Heicopters, we have seen how the private, single-pilot helicopter owner benefits from the reduced pilot workload.""

"If you're interested in the safety benefits of HeliSAS or just want to see all of the latest in helicopters and helicopter technology, you don't want to miss Heli UK Expo, June 1 through 3, at Wycombe Air Park."

If you would like to book a demonstration flight of the HeliSAS system, contact Brian Kane at HeliAir to choose a suitable date and time.

For more information about the Heli UK Expo or any of HeliAir;s services, please visit

For more information about Genesys Aerosystems or HeliSAS Helicopter Autopiot and Stability Augmentation System, contact Jamie Luster.