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Genesys Aerosystems Prepping Part 25 Autopilot For New-Build, Retrofit Markets

AINonline reveals Genesys Aerosystems' plans for the new S-TEC 5000 autopilot system for Part 25 airplanes which is anticipated in first half of 2017.

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Article excerpt: "Genesys Aerosystems is nearing the home stretch on a program it announced two years ago to develop the S-Tec 5000 autopilot system for Part 25 airplanes.....price includes servos and pitch trim, and options will include roll and yaw trim. 

About Genesys Aerosystems

Genesys Aerosystems is a leading provider of integrated avionics systems for military and civil aircraft manufacturers and operators. With a diverse and growing product line, Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics systems can be offered as stand-alone components or integrated to provide an entire cockpit solution. Its synthetic vision Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) revolutionized flight crew situational awareness and safety and is now approved on more than 700 models of aircraft and helicopters. Genesys Aerosystems’ newest Helicopter Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot (HeliSAS) adds to the company’s extensive offerings of S-TEC autopilot solutions and brings added safety to light piston and turbine helicopters. For more information, visit:

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